10 Design and Construction Apps for 2014

Technology has become more a part of the design and construction industry with each passing year. Thanks to the advent of mobile technology, designers and project managers can make changes on the fly, and access those changes whether in the office or the field.

There are nearly 13,000 design and construction apps on the market, all designed to take projects all the way from planning to completion. Here is a look at 10 of the best apps for 2014.

1. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is available for the Apple and Android devices. The app lets architects and contractors share specs, project plans, and photos. Anyone on the team can upload PDF files to the central server at plangrid.com, and the files will automatically synch to the other team members on their web-enabled devices. PlanGrid makes sure everyone is on the same page throughout all phases of the project. You can find out more about PlanGrid at PlanGrid.com.

2. Procore Cloud-Based Construction Software

Procore’s cloud-based construction software is actually a full software suite that includes a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The software lets members of a design and construction project share information on all aspects of the project such as, budgets, schedules, and design plans. Like PlanGrid, it makes sure everyone is on the same page and that the project runs smoothly to completion. You can contact Procore to find out more logistical details and specifications about the product.

3. ConstructionHelper

Available for Android only, ConstructionHelper makes it easier for contractors to calculate surfaces, areas, volumes and weights for making bids and determining material needs and costs on projects. This app is essential, especially for large projects. You can learn more at Littlesand Software.

4. iBlueprint

Available only on Apple devices, iBlueprint lets architects create blueprints on the go and email them to the client or construction team. It also allows architects to save and edit multiple blueprints at a time.  For more information, visit the Local Slacks website, or iTunes.

5. Formulator

Available only for Apple devices, the Formulator series features hundreds of formulas for every aspect of a design and construction project including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, acoustics, boilers, and HVAC. The company offers individual formulator, such as Carpentry Pro Formulator or HVAC Pro Formulator, or you can use Architect’s Pro Formulator or Building Engineer Pro Formulator, which includes the formulas for multiple areas. Contact Multi Educator, or visit iTunes for more information about the Formulator series of apps.

6. Construction Master Pro

Available for Android and Apple, Construction Master Pro provides calculators to estimate materials needed for fencing projects as well as stair railing and balustrades. For more information visit iTunes, Google Play, or the Calculated Industries website.

7. BIMx

Available on both Apple and Android platforms, BIMx was voted mobile product of the year at the 2012 Construction Computing Awards. The software is an interactive 3-D presentation and communication tool that lets architects share designs with fellow architects, clients, and construction teams. Contact Graphisoft SE, or go to iTunes or Google Play for more information.

8. Green Pro

Companies interested in green design will benefit from using Green Pro. This Apple app helps “architects, engineers, owners, and contractors understand and work with the USGBC LEED guidelines for New Construction and Major Renovations.” The app can also calculate any credits earned during the construction process, and gives the user the ability to customize any ID and RP credits. Learn more at iTunes, or virtual Solutions International, LLC.

9. SmartBidNet

Available for Apple and Android, SmartBidNet helps users keep track of subcontractors and vendors as well as measurement, statistical information and financial information on each bid. Find more information at iTunes or at Smartbidnet.com.

10. iQuick Contract Maker

Available for Apple, iQuick Contract Maker allows users to create contracts on the fly and immediately email them to clients. You no longer have to wait until you get back to the office to draft a contract. For more information see iTunes or visit National Property Institute, LLC.

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