Why should you hire a HR Recruitment Agency?

Many a times I have faced the question-“Why should we hire you for recruitment when we already have our in house recruitment team?” Well, the answer to this question would not be suit every industry or every company but in most cases, it is true that hiring an HR Consulting firm for your recruitment needs is a wise decision to make.

Employers receive hundreds of responses to vacancy advertisements and it becomes an arduous task for the recruitment team to get the right candidate that matches the job requirement. Contacting the job seekers, short listing the resumes, screening and interviews and the complete recruitment process takes a lot of time and labor. Thus, it may not be affordable to leave the task to company’s HR executive or team who may have a generalist experience.

However, a Recruitment agency will provide the right human resources. A recruitment agency gets paid once the candidate is hired and in some cases, the recruitment agency also offers free replacement for a few months from the date of joining.

Benefits of hiring an HR recruitment firm:

Saves Time

Recruitment Agency constantly updates its database of eligible job seekers and filter them through screening and skill tests and when needed, sends only the best suited candidate for the job. Therefore, all the employers have to do is hire and they will be provided with suitable candidates to select from. Unlike the employer’s recruitment team which will start looking for candidates only after the vacancy is available; recruitment firms already have the required database. Thus, it saves a lot of time needed to wait for posting the job advertisement and shortlisting the resumes.

Saves Money

Instead of posting the vacancy on Newspapers, classifieds etc and paying ridiculously for it, all that is required is call a recruitment firm and tell them the requirements and terms. Rest it the task of the recruitment agency to provide suitable candidates. The amount spent in posting the advertisement in newspapers and other media and on the salary paid to internal recruitment team would be significantly more as compared to hiring an HR Consultancy.

Domain Specialist

There are a number of recruitment agencies engaged in recruitment in different domain like manufacturing, Information Technology etc. Besides, an agency is specialist in what it does i.e. recruiting people. Therefore, the employers can stay assured of the quality of service and candidates they will receive.

Verification of Candidates

Recruitment agencies perform the tasks of verifying candidate background, degree verification, verify experience and recommendations etc. Employers need not use their internal resources to get in touch with other organizations.

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