Why Employers Must Invest In Health and Safety Training?

Providing in-house health and safety training to employees or hiring a health and safety adviser within the organization or company is not a big problem for big companies as they can afford it because are financially strong. However, this could be a problem for small or medium companies as they are not able to afford an in-house safety training or to appoint a safety adviser but have to  because according to a current health and safety legislation. Do you know, every business, company or organization, who has more than five employees or workers must have to place a health and safety policy or manual, adequate staff training, current risk assessments for substantial hazards and complete arrangements for access to current health and safety advice according to the United Kingdom (U.K) law.

The Health and safety Act of 1974 states that employers are needed to provide all their employees, workers and staff with complete knowledge and training on health and safety in order to maintain the work environment safe. If they will not follow it leads to heavy fine for both the employers and individuals with possible jail sentences, which can affect the company’s hard-earned reputation. Therefore, every employer should invest on Health and safety training because it will not save employees but also increase in brand with high productivity. Some of the major benefits of Health and safety training are:

  • Reduced cost and risk as well as lower employee absence.
  • Assisting workers, employees and staffs to identify hazards and implement safe working practices to minimize them.
  • Bringing up a positive culture of health and safety, in which unsafe and unhealthy working will not be tolerated
  • Health Training will support the employers and their companies to maintain the health of their workforce.
  • Better reputation and name for corporate responsibility among customers and investors.
  • Safety training enables employees or workers to spot ways to improve safety management. It also enables them to meet legal duties to protect employees, workers and other people.
  • Health and safety training helps in avoiding financial costs of the company that fatal accidents and injuries cause.

Remember, investing on training can boost your company’s sales, preventing accidents and injuries, can improve productivity and reduce compensation cost. It is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that its employee’s workers and staffs are saved. There are many safety training courses available today, and several institutions can provide your company training, and safety management systems are the most important and discussed topic in these courses.

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