Three Most Common Issues That can Cause Fire at the Workplace

More than 80% of the fires that occur in offices, companies or industrial buildings are due to carelessness of workers, employees, or any such human error. If you want to protect your office or business from fire, you must understand the causes of fires. Below, we have given some of the topmost probable ones.

Smoking: It is a common cause of business or office fires because smokers inconsiderately dispose of their cigarette or match stick. Smoking is not only dangerous to your health, but it can also cause a fire accident, which can result in injuries, property damage and even deaths. Therefore, there should be a designated smoking area in the office where smokers can extinguish their match or cigarettes after they are done.

Arson:  One of the leading cause of deaths, injuries and damages of properties with offices, commercial building is Arson. This not only affects a company or business financially, but also results in death of workers, employees and firefighters. To protect against Arson, make sure that your company is properly secured. You can consider security cameras and good security system to defend against criminals, who are trying to burn down your business.

Electrical Fires: The most common causes of electrical fires are damaged electrical conductors, use of faulty electrical equipment, plug wires or extension cords, short or overloaded circuits and loose electrical connections. Therefore, use only those electrical equipment that is in good condition. However, if you are using heaters in the office, then keep them in a safe place.

Appropriate fire safety training for all workers, staffs or employees is very important to make sure that the correct action is taken in the fire events. There are several fire safety training providers, who are providing training for business, and minimizing the number of fire events that occur every year. You need to visit some public conference that arrange by such organization for employee and employer too and contact them to remain aware about such consultancy where experts give advice which is priceless for any industry even its not enough but they can make understand real value of safety experts in any organization.

According to a report, approx 20,000 injuries and 3,000 fatalities occur every year in the United State. Businesses lose millions of dollars due to office fires every year, and most of the fires are preventable with just little care and planning. We know that some fires are impossible to prevent, but with a little care, we can prevent most of the fires at a workplace, home or any other place.


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