Principles Behind Hiring Best Of The Best

How do you identify and select who to hire and how?

Apparently, there is a large number of eligible candidates and this is what makes the decision tougher. Maybe there is a candidate whose record boasts of excellence but will he really be as good for the team as he appears? Finding and hiring the very best is like finding a needle in a significantly large haystack and you must be very thorough in your search. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the cycle of hire today fire tomorrow. There are a few principles that if you can follow properly, the chances of you finding a perfect candidate can increase to a good extent.

Know the person as a whole

The new employee will bring something else to the company besides his skills- his experience, values, temperament, personality etc. Though records may boast of professional excellence of a person, but the real test of a professional happens when he is put to the environment where he has to work in future. You can use a set of some unconventional approaches to get to know thoroughly about the person. Invite the candidates to some even like a office party or some off-site dinner etc. Observe how the person behaves in a group and study his group dynamics. It might also be a good chance to get familiar with the team and get connected to the candidates on a greater lever.

Make him realize his significance

Every employee is a pillar on which an organization stands. Stronger the pillar, stronger the organization will be. Each employee need to have a focus and understanding of the organization’s vision and should actively work to achieve that vision. Convey the organizational sentiment and vision to the new candidate and explain clearly what the organization is and how important he is to the organization’s growth and progress. Every person wants to be part of something big and thinking yourself as integral part of one such thing is a good motivating factor.

Keep your eyes open for prospects

Don’t seize your efforts to find new talent once the position has been fulfilled. Always keep your eye open for the possible candidates that you might hire in future. Build relationships with those people who might have the right set of talent to set the company upstream. Meet new people, make friends and maintain relationship because you never know who might be helpful in future. If your organization has a long term vision, then long term thinking and patience are especially important.

Be the best to attract the best

The expectations wagon goes in both directions. If you are expecting your employee to be the best, he expects no less of you. If he is willing to give all he can to the organization, he expects that the organization would respect and honor his interests. It requires a lot of discipline to keep the bar high, but is sure a worthy investment. Create an environment for those people who will fully bring their skill sets to the organization. The result of this will be a positive feedback loop, because great people will be supported and complemented by great people.

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