Press Release: Benefits and Advantages

A press release, also called as a news release is a written statement, announcement or communication directed to news media. It is used to make announcement for a wide range of news like personnel promotions, new products and services, scheduled events, awards, etc. A press or news release can be created in a variety of formats, including written, video or audio depending on the news providers. The foremost aim of a press is to notify the masses about the latest updates about events, promotions of the companies, products, services etc. A press release ought to keep the information as simple and short as possible, and arrange the imperative announcement information in the bullet format so that people including readers and media journalists can easily notice it.

In the age of online news media, press releases have been adopted by almost every company to help them in getting publicity for spreading their message. Press Releases not only help companies to get media coverage but can provide several SEO benefits as well. One of the key benefits of the news release is that it makes possible to make an announcement at a single source and that can be distributed to thousands of similar sources. It does not matter what industry you are in, and how small or big your company or business is, you can get many benefits from a news release distribution.

Everyone wants to boost his company’s visibility, which is crucial for not only small businesses, but big organizations as well. You must let your customers and clients know who are you, what your company does by sticking to a long-term press or news release distribution strategy. Another benefit of a press release is that a good quality press announcement can send good traffic to your site just within a few days or weeks. Other benefits of a press release are improved website rankings, established trust and branding and many more.

The basic format of a Press Release has:




City, State/ country, Date

Main body of the press release

Contact information

The starting of a press release is extremely significant for a writer, and a strong headline will surely drag readers and journalists, but it must be accurate as well as appealing. The title and the main body must be attention-grabbing for the readers, and information must be worthy. However, the writer must include new elements like who, When, Where, Why, What and How in the first paragraph. The writing should be concise and writers must arrange information in the inverted pyramid form, which is the best format of the press release. Remember, including a quote from someone in the company is a good idea because it will provide a human element to your press release. Do not forget, proofread your press release and let other people proofread it also before sending it to out. A little mistake in your press release can dissuade readers from taking it critically.

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