Need for employee training

In the modern world of technological changes, the need for training employees is being increasingly recognized so as to keep employees in touch the new developments. Every concern must have a systematic training programme, otherwise employees will try to learn the job by trial and error which may prove very costly.

‘Training’ denotes a systematic procedure for transferring technical know-how to the employees so as to increase their knowledge and skills for doing particular jobs. It involves development of skills that are usually necessary to perform a specific job. Training makes newly appointed workers fully productive in minimum of time. Training is equally necessary for old employees whenever new machines and equipment are introduced and/or there is a change in techniques of doing the things.

A training program should attempt to bring about positive changes in the

–          Knowledge

–          Skills, and

–          Attitude of workers

Objectives of training

–          To improve job related skills.

–          To update knowledge and skills.

–          To prepare for higher responsibilities.

–          To develop proper job related attitudes.

–          To mould personnel to adapt to organizational changes.

Need and Importance of training

Training is a necessity which is felt by many big companies which spend huge amounts on training as it is felt that it motivates employees to put hard work. When employees understand jobs well, their morale increases and there is also a sense of recognition among the employees that they are the valued members of the enterprise.

It is advisable for every organization to arrange for systematic training of its workforce. Without proper training, employees will try to train themselves by trial and error or by observing others which will take a lot of time and will result in higher cost of training. Moreover, the workers may not be able to learn the best operating methods.

An attempt to increase the knowledge of a trainee would help him to know facts, policies, procedures and rules and regulations pertaining to his job.

Under the umbrella of training, several useful functions of management can be performed. Training reduces the need for constant and close supervision. The management can get better results and put its plans into action surely with the help of a trained work-force. Management can also increase the morale of the employees and motivate them to work for achievement of organization foals by installing a suitable system of training. The knowledge and skills acquired by the individuals may be of great help to improve the overall competence of the organization.

Value of training to the organization

The benefits of training to the employers/organization can be-

–          Systematic training programme helps to reduce the learning time to reach the acceptable level of performance.

–          Better Performance and productivity is shown by a trained employee compared to an untrained one.

–          Training can be used in spotting out promising men and promoting them to higher positions rather than seeking the skilled employees from outside the organization

–          Better utilization of machines and materials resulting in the elimination of wastage and leading to reduction in cost or production.

–          The responsibility of supervision is lessened if the employees are given proper training.

–          Since the workers are trained in handling machines and are taught various safety measures, the rate of accidents falls considerably

–          Training helps in reducing absenteeism, labour turnover and grievances among the employees.

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