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Safety Training for workplace

For last few years, the demand graph of health and safety professionals in various workplaces is increasing. Any organization does not want to ignore safety issues within their organization because they understand the responsibility of safety professionals on their workplaces, and the value of trained man.  The NEBOSH Board (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) provides certification courses which includes practical safety training and generate skills that can manage safety issues in construction organizations. The Certificate in Construction Safety and Health can help secure a better job as it is recognized worldwide. It gives practical and valuable training by giving industry specific information to the candidates.

This course is designed to train professionals in the industry who can take best and appropriate decisions in construction safety management. Industry personnel have to manage the department of giving advice on health and Safety in construction work, therefore, this National Construction safety training plays an important role on the effective working systems. NEBOSH construction courses cover all those problems that are found on the construction site, and that provides best methods to control them. NEBOSH courses also raise the knowledge of the students in the field of Construction industry as well as General Health and Safety.

The NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Safety and Health is suitable for managers, CDM coordinators and supervisors or those who manage contractors within the construction industry, and wants to ensure that all functions under their control are conducted in a safe manner. This course consists of a supervised practical assessment and two units. If one has to be strong part of its organization then there is lot of things in this constructions safety course –

The first unit is NGC1; Management of Health and Safety is a common element and must share between all the NEBOSH courses. The second one is NCC2, which includes Health and Safety Practical Application that test your ability to discover health and safety problems in a construction industry. You can study the NEBOSH Construction Certificate by attending a regular classroom course, or by distance learning or study online with the full help and support from any expert NEBOSH trainers.

About Examination &Fees:

NEBOSH construction course examination comprises of one practical assessment and two written papers (Papers NGC1 and NCC1) of 2 hours each. Each paper consists of “one long question” and ten “short questions” covering both NCC1 and NGC1 courses. The exam schedule is quite similar like others as students have to attempt all the questions as all questions are compulsory. In practical assessment, the students have to carry out a risk assessment of any construction workplace and make a short report on how to manage it. The course fees are determined by your training provider and depend on the format of the course. We always counsel to go with only provider who has sufficient experience on training providing otherwise inexperience trainers may spoiled one’s career.


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