How to generate traffic through images?

What is the use of a website without traffic. Promotions and traffic are so important that everybody is just mad about traffic generations techniques. They blindly do anything they can do to generate traffic. Very few people  realize that they can generate traffic through images also.  I have seen lots of seo companies adding unnecessary and useless alt and title tags to the images hoping that their ranking will improve.  However, they are quite far away from reality.

Images can be a good way to increase your website traffic but a standard and planned way of  doing this is necessary. Images has to be optimized for first your site users, second social media users and third search engines. Did you ever ask yourself whether your website images are optimized for web, search engines or social media?

As the web is becoming faster and technology is getting better and better each day,  it is necessary that you should optimize your website images so that your images grabs the attention of users and visitors. Grabbing the attention of visitors is the most important thing you should focus on.

Optimize images for users:

Forget search engines for a while and whenever you are putting images on your website, your main focus should be to put images for your users.After all users are the ones who see it first first. You can use below points to optimize your images for the users.

  1. Relevant Images: Uploaded images should be relevant to the page. Means the content of images should supplement and match the contents of the page.
  2. Bigger is better: Use big images on the pages. Big images grabs the attention of visitors and leaves the impact on the visitors minds. So, it is always recommended to use bigger images depending on the size of the page.
  3. Use faces: Whenever possible use realistic images with human face in it. Research shows that men and women process images differently and it is proved that images having faces on it tend to associate itself with the visitor thus multiplying the impact.
  4. Compress Images: Nobody wants to wait for a image to upload, so it is always advised to upload web optimized images on the website.
  5. Number of Images: Don’t just clutter your web page with number of images. Use least number of images on the page as possible to create the impact.


Optimize for social engine

When you upload images, it should be kept in mind that your images are optimized for social media as well because is one of the best sources for attracting traffic though images. Most images are shared through social media only if people it  to be creative,

  1. Creative Images: This is quite clear. Why would anyone share any ordinary photo. People love creative photos and they love to share creative images. So, always try to upload creative photos for your website. The real question is how to make creative appealing photos.
  2. Share on Social Media: May be initially people doesn’t come to your website so they cannot find your images initially and thus they cannot share it. If you have a nice image, share it on few social networking website to seed  the sharing activity. Stumbleupon, Facebook and Google Plus are some of the good social networking websites for sharing your picture initially.


Optimize for search engines:

Now comes the turn of search engines. You probably might be knowing how to optimize a image for search engines. However, i will give you a glimpse at how to optimize images nicely for web and search engines.

  • Image Names: Optimize the file names of the images to something meaningful name. If image is about Eiffel tower building, mention the  filename like eiffel-tower-paris.jpg. Always remember to keep the filenames of the images as short as possible.
  • Image Alt and Titles: Always add image alt tags and title tags to the images. Alt tags and images tags should be filled in such way so that it supplements the image significance. Don’t just fill it with keywords or useless content.It will do no use.

As explained above, its not easy to grab the attention of users on web. Of course, you have got the power of images to grab the attention of the visitors. But it must be used logically in order attract the attention of the visitors. Hopefully, few points above will help you to grab the attention of the visitors. Please don’t forget to  leave a comment if you like the article.

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