Exciting Times For Inbound Marketers


Anyone who’s been in the internet marketing game for any amount of time has to be excited with how things have been changing. Rather than try to slug it out with the big boys with bottomless budgets in the SEO services and PPC world, thanks in large part to the social change on the web, getting traffic has never been more democratized and based on merit than ever before. While major media companies could buy up as much space as they wanted to snuff out the little guys and choke their exposure to new visitors, the social web has made inbound marketing much more important. This is huge for internet marketing professionals all over the globe, as the real way to get eyeballs on your site is all about having the most valuable and exciting information – you can shoestring a marketing campaign with nothing more than solid content and a like button. This is a massive shift in the online world and something you’ll want to focus on to boost your business for the coming years.

It’s an open playground now

The way to get visitors to yours website used to be simple – you would either pay a ton of money to bid on expensive PPC campaigns or spend literally months and months slowing pushing your site to the top of the rankings, hoping and praying that you didn’t end up like Sisyphus and have the whole thing come tumbling down for any reason the big search engines could think of. Not to mention the fact that, especially in competitive and popular niches, you were up against some serious big boys of the industry with almost limitless budgets to crush you. And while the whole system was outlined and marketed as the most level playing field the world had ever seen, anyone involved in internet marketing knew that was a bunch of junk. Some smaller companies were able to survive and thrive though, in large part due to the fact that they had such awesome and high level quality content.

Everyone can be great

The social change on the web has made everything different with more and more freedom and a truly level playing field. Where the early web was all about giving out information, the modern web is all about facilitating conversation – and the internet has become the most important communication tool we’ve ever had. Inbound marketing specialists and internet marketing professionals the world over understand that if you want to make it big in business you can now, and you don’t need a massive budget to buy views. If your content is awesome and important it will get shared, and if you’re lucky it will reach a tipping point and go viral. This kind of sharing brings much more dedicated and targeted traffic to your web properties, and lets you leverage that into more and more sales. People sink and swim based on how good their actual products and services are – you cannot buy space for a shoddy offering and hope to cover it up with more and more ads. The social web is holding people responsible for what they produce on a mass scale, making it easier and more important for inbound marketing and seo services professionals to provide what they promise. This is an amazing shift in the internet marketing world, one for the better.

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