8 Tips for a Good Mobile Marketing Strategy

The world of mobile devices is revolutionizing the technological landscape with figures difficult to ignore. With forecasts like Garnet, which in its latest study said that in 2013 sales of smartphones will exceed one billion units worldwide, it is hard to ignore this market.

This was confirmed by a recent survey by Apps Gone Viral which ensures that the majority of marketing professionals surveyed ( 84.62% ) plans to increase its investment in mobile marketing during 2013. Pete Christothoulou, Marchex President said in AllThingsD that “executive departments are requiring their marketing strategies for the mobile market.”

How to achieve the success of these marketing strategies? Joe Wozny, CEO of Concentric Adviser, offers eight tips to make mobile marketing a win.

1. Understanding the context: mobile apps vs mobile pages

The two dimensions of the mobile devices have to be differentiated. They live together, but mobile applications require much more money, time and infrastructure to build.Unlike mobile apps, mobile pages designed to support mobile devices are obtained based on the original websites.

2. Visibility of web pages on mobile devices

Mobile websites are no different than websites for computers. You must ensure that your mobile website is as visible as your original page, because the users should be just as easy to find for example by clicking on their ads placed on sites like Facebook , YouTube or search engines like Google or Bing.

3. Web pages are a good starting point

Making a mobile website is a more practical way to join the mobile evolution than creating a mobile application . To do this, services such as Mobifyand Duda allow you to create mobile versions of their websites , considering all issues such as the fact that not all phones are compatible with technologies such as Flash .

4. Ability to read and share content through mobile devices

The mobile experience does not end in a website. For example, many users read their mails from their smartphones and tablets, and many of them share the contents of the same form in which they arrive. Give them the ability to share information via email is a smart tactic.

5. Measuring the impact

Statistically analysethe provided information on how customers interact with their products and brands. Information is power.

For better results, measuring and comparing the impact based on A/B testing results. Then choose, what works better and continue to test to until achieving the desirable impact.

6. New ways of reaching and interacting with customers are coming

Take advantage of this types of technologies: email segmentation for mobile and non-mobile campaigns , use quick response (QR ) codes in advertising campaigns , send information to customers through text messages …

7. Mobile advertising

The graphics and other formats ads can greatly help the brand awareness of customers, and at very affordable prices.

8. Build a mobile app

As mentioned before, mobile apps can cost much more money and time to build; however, they are more engaging than mobile websites. Why? Because unlike mobile websites which can be skimmed through and closed anytime, mobile apps need to be downloaded to the mobile devices to be used. Once your mobile app is downloaded, it stand a better chance of staying in your customer’s phone and being used again and again.

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