4 Ways To Market Your Brand On A Minimal Budget

Unlike mega-brands, the average business does not have the marketing budget to channel into high-level marketing exercises such as glitzy product launches, full page ads in the daily or television commercials during Super Bowl.

However, don’t let this fact dissuade you from thinking you can create a strong presence for your brands, using the marketing dollars you can afford to spend. In fact, many of these mega-brands (Apple, GeekSquad, Google etc.) were once growing brands, with limited marketing budgets, like yours.

The truth is marketing – when it’s done right – is a cost-effective way to help your brand look bigger to customers. Here are some strategies that will help you get over the hump and start promoting your brand in the best way possible.

Attend networking events

Where a company like Walmart will spend millions to sponsor a charity event or a green day initiative, you need to find appropriate channels to help you spread your message. Networking events offer a great opportunity to market your brand – and this paves the way for the delivery of your branding message.

Attending networking events will also give you the benefit of human element. Consumers are craving to know something about who they’re buying from. You’ve got to utilize these events to shout out what makes your brand special and different. Your personality is what drives your brand. Look at Steve Jobs – his personality is embedded in all of the Apple products, even today. Put a face on your business.

Be consistent, no matter what

Once you’ve carefully crafted your brand, stick it on the door and live and breathe it. Use your brand consistently across all your online and offline marketing collateral. This strategy increases the longevity of your brand, which should boost revenue and reduce the likelihood of re-branding.

Also, it is important to be consistent with branding when it comes to packaging and shipping. A Custom corrugated box with company’s graphics and premium printing can create a visually stunning appearance for the brand packaging. Custom Boxes Now! reminds that humans are highly visual creatures, and colors and patterns on boxes affect the desire of consumers to interact with them. This was one of the strategies implemented by Amazon for its shipping boxes.

Be unique and memorable

Unless you have that budget, the best way to market your brand is to do something different. BirchBox, a cosmetic brand, cleverly started sending out free samples of beauty products to try. The free sample strategy was unique and the company gained thousands of loyal customers in the process.

You can also be unique and memorable at a much lesser cost. For example, a Vine video fixing the customer’s pain points could be all you need to create a memorable effect. Likewise, offering a discount for your most preferred target audience could encourage those individuals to remember your brand and attract word of mouth promotion amongst similar demographic.

Be consumer focused

Go that extra mile to delight every customer you come in contact with. Make them fall in love with your brand by making their experiences with your products and services a special one.

If you’re running a brick and mortar, pretend every customer who walks in is your last and service them like you mean it. Utilize social media tools to engage with customers on an individual basis.


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