Making A Noise Creating The Best Business Sound Experience

Sound and music play a big part in a number of business ventures, whether in the form of marketing or in entertainment and with any professional audio-visual setup, it is imperative that the quality is faultless. Great sound will reflect your business very well and is sure to ‘drum up’ support.

Every business aims at marketing that impacts and creates its brand image. Sometimes, it should be simple and streamlined but, in other cases it needs to be powerful and flashy. Sound or audio has a great impact in marketing as it works well alone or as a counterpart to other sensory experiences. Aside from radio or TV advertising, which utilize music and catchy slogans to get inside people’s minds, sound can also be used direct in premises to influence customer satisfaction and rates of purchase. In order to make the right impression and make sure that any sound you use has the desired effect, the quality of the technology is of particular importance.

Creating the perfect audio element to your commercial enterprise is broadly dependent on the purpose for which you are going to employ it. For example, a restaurant or bar businesses are particularly reliant on atmosphere or ambiance. If there is a nice buzz or a chilled-out vibe, depending on the type of establishment it is, it will encourage people to feel relaxed and this is when they typically spend more money as customers will be happy to stay for longer. Other uses may be as an in-store radio which mixes good shopping music with broadcasts about deals and offers and other valuable retail information.

The feature of your sonic marketing that is going to make the most difference is the quality of sound. No-one wants to listen to music that is too loud or too quiet, or that is distorted or indistinct, especially not if you’re trying to relax over dinner or drinks. As such, it is worth investing in high performance sound equipment. You will want to have multiple inputs so you can listen to music from a computer, MP3 player or CD and with the latter, to avoid long gaps between tracks it is important to use a multi-disc changer. The speakers should be of a good quality and appropriate in size and good speaker cables will improve the fidelity of the sound.

Choice of Music
This is naturally the most subjective element of the setup. Some will leave this at the discretion of their staff or even the customers, but if you are cultivating a distinct image, it is worth making a careful choice of music. The most ambient noises are fine for a very chilled environment but sometimes this can be lost and feel pointless. Good music for creating a pleasant atmosphere includes jazz, swing and soul, while classical, if chosen well, can be right for certain upmarket establishments.

Overall, there is no denying the importance of sound in modern business and getting it right involves defining your reasons, choosing the right music and assuring sound fidelity, right down to selecting the best hifi speaker cables. It may seem no more than an optional extra but can make a real difference.

Martin George writes regularly on audio-visual gear for a range of technology websites and blogs. He is a specialist on manufacturers of hifi speaker cables, as he worked in this industry for many years, as well as having expertise in a number of related areas.

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