Knowing Certain Important Facts About Gold

Every week the gold prices are hitting new highs. More and more people are investing in gold and are finding their scrap gold items lucrative ways to gather funds if the need arises. Indeed, there are many gold stores and buyers out there as they profit from buying gold off you as you do in selling gold to them. There are however, some points to keep in mind when you put up your gold for sale.

Value Of Scrap Gold And Gold Jewelry Is Not The Same

While you might be lured to buy exquisite jewelry items from a reputed jewelry shop, keep in mind that:

• If you ever try to sell it off or get a dollar for gold, the value of gold jewelry will not be equivalent to the gold that you opt to sell per ounce.

• Pure gold is a soft metal and thus, at the time of making jewelry, there are other metals or alloys that are added which in turn leads to the karat rating of the gold.

• The higher the karat amount, the more the gold content in such jewelry items. Thus, 24k is known to be 99.9 percent pure gold while 18k is 75 percent pure gold.

• The maths is pretty complicated when it comes to the weight of gold. An ounce of gold is not a true ounce which is equivalent to 31 grams but is a troy ounce which is equivalent to 28 grams.

Reduced Value Of Scrap Gold

When you opt to sell gold, the gold is provided at scrap value that is lower than the value at which gold is traded in the market. The gold is weighed after the other alloys are taken out of your crafted jewelry items. Thus, a heavy jewelry item that you spend a lot of dollars for might not contain much gold. But, due to the higher prices in the market today, there are chances that you will still gain a profit when you put the gold for sale.

Fluctuating Prices In The Global Market

The gold prices keep fluctuating. Today it is definitely on the rise and it has been as the economy had been on a downturn. However as the economy gains back and a recovery is seen in global economics, there would be comparable profitability in stock prices and bonds and thus, gold prices will then fall. Ensure that you know the current price of gold as of the moment when you are about to exchange dollar for gold.

Keep In Mind The Sentimental Value Of Gold

While gold can always be exchanged for pots of money, sometimes the sentimental value of the gold in your locker may exceed the money that you will gain out of it. Uniquely crafted jewelry handed down through generations is usually preserved by families. Only under duress should such items be exchanged for money and not before. These points need to be kept in mind when one plans to put their gold for sale.

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