Is Jaipur Turning Into A Business Hub?

The economic picture of Jaipur has completely changed and has come to a state where the city turns into a business hub. It is no more the time when Jaipur used to attract people only for its cultural heritage, monuments and ethnicity. The scenario has changed significantly and now the pink city is a lot more than just a cultural spot. If by any chance, you are surprised to have read this, you should read on to know more about the growth that the city has attained within last few years. Jaipur, today stands firmly as an emerging IT hub, as listed among the 31 emerging IT cities identified globally by a reputed name. This clearly defines the potential that the city holds, to become a full-fledged business hub.

For any city, it takes a lot to turn itself into a globally known business spot. It is not just the infrastructure or historical wealth, but many other factors like resources, logistics and education that stand behind the growth of a city or nation. Jaipur, within a few years has grown manifolds on all these standards. As a result, it is being positioned as an emerging IT hub that has many reputed brands operational in it. This IT trend was initiated by some big names in Jaipur, which was later followed by Deutsche Bank, Nucleus Software and some others.

Other than IT, it is also being considered a major destination for software development and outsourcing companies. As per the Cyber Media Global Services Study, it was listed among ‘Top 50 Emerging Destinations for Global Outsourcing‘. With this, the future of the city as a business hub looks extremely pleasant.

Moving ahead, we need to look at the other sectors too. As the development horizons of Jaipur holds IT as a major contributor, financial sector doesn’t lag behind too. The city also houses the data centers of State Bank of India & Deutsche Bank. Besides, the other industries including light engineering, handicrafts, gems & jewelry and logistics contribute  in making the city an integrated business hub.

Jaipur with its presence in IT, software development, finance, infrastructure and other sectors is set to become a major player. With this, many new employment opportunities for the young engineers, bankers and IT professionals are also likely to come up in the city in the years to come. Looking at these growth prospects, it would be justified saying that the city is ready to welcome job seekers from all across the nation.

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