Interview with the admin of ExchangeSimple

Exchange Simple is an E-currency exchange service incorporated in Seychelles welcoming customers from every place of the world. They are willing to expand by accepting prepaid cards (electronic vouchers) and for beginning they already accept CashU payments. Even more, currently they are in discussions with PaySafeCard and Ukash for becoming partners.

This being said I invite you to read the interview with ExchangeSimple representative, Paul. Enjoy !

1) Hello Paul. Please introduce yourself to the readers of LRExchange and tell us a few words about your background in the e-currency exchange industry.

Hello, my name is Paul and I represent Exchange Simple. We offer E-currency exchange services for our customers. Our team is experienced in managing E-currency transactions, Online marketing, SEO, programming and logistics. If I remember correct, we had contact with the E-currency industry since the late 90s when E-Gold was dominating the game.

2) When your exchange company was available online for the first time and when you started your business?

We had the idea of developing an E-currency exchange business since 2010 but be have managed to get it running in September 2012 after lots of hard work and sacrifice but we are not complaining, the investment was all worth it and we are proud of what we achieved by now. And it’s only the beginning.

3) Do you have a company legally registered anywhere or do you conduct transaction as a simple person? Do you have any office where clients can visit you?

Yes, we are a legally registered Seychelles company. Our company was registered in March 2011. Our office is located in Bucharest, Romania but for the moment we intend only to address the online customers. If you need, you can check our company address on our Contact page.

4) I see you have added social media contact ways like Twitter and Facebook. Tell us about them and how clients can get in touch with you.

Indeed, we also use Twitter and Facebook as social media contact. They are great tools if you aim to keep a close and friendly relation with your customers. News can travel fast and clients can offer their feedback in an easy and familiar way. Facebook and Twitter also provides a very good instrument to measure your popularity among clients.

5) What about your Live Chat support, when it’s available? What are your opening hours (GMT)?

For the moment I’m the one who is responsible for the live support. We do not want to employ the services of an outsider for this important job. We need our customers to be closed to the management team and respond quickly to their needs. Such important job can’t be left in the hands of anyone. Our clients are too important and they need to find solutions in a polite, fast and most importantly, effective manner. Our work hours are Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (GMT) Friday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (GMT). As much of my times will permit, I will try to stay online for the live support. If not, customers are always welcomed to give us a call, our phone number can be found on our Contact page.

6) How about your offer, which e-currencies you’re currently working with? Do you support all exchange directions like buying and selling between them?

For the moment we work only with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, C-Gold, Pecunix, Paxum, CashU (only for sale), PayPal (only to buy). Also, we are in full discussions with Solid Trust Pay to obtain the official exchanger status.

7) Do you collaborate with payment processors? Is Exchange Simple an approved exchanger for any e-currencies?

Yes we have signed partnerships with:

  • Perfect Money, we are an approved exchanger for them
  • C-Gold, we are an approved exchanger for them
  • Paxum, we are verified and have the permission to conduct exchanges
  • CashU, we are an approved merchant
  • Solid Trust Pay, we are negotiating right now, soon we will become official exchanger

8) Tell us more about your affiliate program. How are affiliates being paid?

We are always open to new opportunities and partnerships and we consider ourselves very affiliate friendly. That’s why we have made a special page on our website where anyone interested in becoming a partner with us can find all the necessary information: .

For the moment we offer an impressive 25% commission from our profit on every transaction to show our commitment towards our partners. We consider them as key elements to our business success and development. Without trusty partners you are simply alone in the dark.

10) How long does it usually take for an exchange transaction to be completed? Do you work 24h/24h or the weekends?

Usually we are trying to complete every exchange in less than 24 hours but we must mention that for STP and C-Gold it can take more because they specifically request their permission before the transaction is completed. Normally we do not work on weekends but often we check the activity and if there is anything urgently we take action.

11)Tell us why users should choose your company for their E-currency exchange needs. What are your strengths?

First of all we are a registered company with some standards. We put much accent on quality of service and support. Simplicity and efficiency are the words of the day for us. We respect our customers as they are the only ones who make our existence possible. Customers must be served quickly and with minimum effort from their side.

Thanks a lot to Paul for taking the time to answer my questions here on I’d like to wish Paul and the entire team behind ExchangeSimple great success for the future, and I hope we’ll be seeing plenty more exchange directions enabled in the future. That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the interview and stay tuned for more to come.

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