How To Get Clients For HR Consultancy

Having a good clientele is essential for any business to work and HR consultancy is no different. Every business revolves around clients and effective service delivery. Finding and identifying potential clients requires patience and a lot of hard work. It is a misconception that lower service fee converts the clients, which maybe sometimes true but not always.

Some of the techniques to contact potential clients are:-

1) Cold calling

2) Meetings

Cold calling:

The easiest and effective way is cold calling or telecalling. There are organizations that are using tele-calling to give information about their services to the current and potential clients. Tele-calling is a really effective for lead generation but you will have to make a lot of calls every day. And, the interesting part of it is that it costs less when compared to other marketing strategies. It really works but you need to know the tactics that how to use this mode in an effective way to get more clients. You can say it comes from practice with time.

Benefits of Telecalling:

  • Directly Pitch your service/products and convince the client to buy your services and get immediate response.
  • Even if you don’t get a client, your call has made the client aware of your company and services.
  • Very cost effective  and can be considered as “maximum output in very low efforts”



When you meet the client face to face it generates a feeling of mutual trust and most of the times you are able to get the requirements from the clients. At that time you need to:-

  • Be presentable.
  • Be able to convince the client.
  • Do some research into company’s requirements and business and present your service offering based on those requirements.
  • Know about the client company so that you can pitch your services effectively.

Some other methods can be like taking surveys in the organizations.  Collecting the required information from employers and utilizing them properly can be beneficial. It will help to deliver your service to the clients at the right time.  A very good networking can be another good method to get the clients. It has been used from the past and considered as really effective way of getting clients.  And, another method can be said as taking referrals from the existing clients.  Hard work and good services always pays off.


About Author:

This is an excerpt from the book “How to start your own HR consultancy?” written by Sangita Singh. She is the founder and director of GS Job Point, one of the most innovative HR firms in India. This book is a step by step guide for individuals who plan to start their own HR recruitment and consulting firm. For more info visit: How To Start A Hr Consultancy Company

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