How to Fix Laptop Hanging Problem

laptop hangYour laptop is freezes up often, and how can you fix it?  There are many reasons behind a laptop could get frozen, it may be caused either by a software problem or hardware malfunction. If is a software problem, you can use troubleshooting software to solve it, but if it is hardware related, then maybe you have to buy few parts or replacement part for your laptop. Remember, in software problem, maybe you don’t have to spend a single coin if you know how to fix it. It is very annoying when you work on something important in your laptop and it hangs.

Step 1- Disable Unnecessary Services:

The services that are running in the background sometime make a laptop or computer run slowly.  Mostly, laptop freezes because unwanted services are running in the background. So, stop these services, particularly those which are not in use.

  • Click Start, type Services.msc and press “Enter”.
  • Right click a service and choose “Stop” option.
  • Do same thing for all unwanted services

Step 2- Run Windows Experience Index

This tool checks the system configurations and recommends you to upgrade some hardware’s, which can solve the laptop freezing problem

  • Click Start.
  • Now type windows experience index and press “Enter”
  • Now Click on the button Rate my computer
  • Wait for sometime
  • Upgrade the hardware accordingly after finishing the process.

Step 3 – Scan Laptop Registry

Your laptop could be freeze if your Windows registry is corrupted. Therefore, scan it for possible errors and fix these issues quickly.

  • Firstly, download a Registry Cleaning tool.
  • After downloading, start a full registry scan.
  • Now, perform registry repair operation.
  • Reboot the laptop.

Defragment the Registry

We know that Windows Registry contains system and application settings as it is the database. Sometime, the laptop gets to freeze a lot due to registry fragmentation. So, defragment it like this.

  • First, get Registry Defrag software (A part of a Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer tool).
  •  Now analyze the registry state.
  • Begin the registry defragmentation process.

Step 4- Stop or Block Active Startups

Many programs start running at the Windows startup, when you turn on your laptop / computer. This puts lots of burden on the processor of your system, and causes your laptop to freeze.

  • Click Start, Run.
  • Now type “MsConfig” and press “Enter”.
  • Click Startup tab.
  • Now disable or inactivate the start-ups except antivirus program, then click Services tab.
  • Now, disable the “Non-Microsoft services” except antivirus software services, if any.
  • Apply the new changes and then restart your system.

Step 5- Uninstalled useless programs

Most of the laptop freezes because numbers of unnecessary programs installed within the system as they are wasting a big part of your disk space, so uninstall them quickly or reduce them.

  • Click Start, and then click on Control Panel.
  • Now Click Programs Uninstall a Program (Unnecessary).
  • Select a program and click Uninstall button.
  • Now follow the setup.

These are few useful and simple steps, which can really improve your laptop steed as well as performance. If you have any hardware problem, you can find a best repair center like Acma Tech (based in Mumbai) in your nearest location by using the net. Just search on the internet according to your location or city like laptop repair in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

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