How to Distribute your Press Release?

A question asked commonly by companies, organization and individuals is “How to distribute a press or news release? Publishing a press release is a time-consuming process as it involves notifying media or journalists when companies, organizations or businesses have a big event or news to share. Organizations and individuals publish press releases regularly for promoting their business and products and or services.

People also believe that at the time of email marketing, news release seems a little bit outdated, but in a well-crafted press release can facilitate your business to grab the eye of the media as well as readers. Distributing news at the right time, at the right place to the right people is best for your business publicity. If you have a small business, then getting the attention of the news media or journalist can do wonders for your business, and press release are one of the best and quite simple ways to grab the attention of the media as well as people, it is possible only if you know how to do.

If you have written a newsworthy press release, then the next thing is to distribute it. There are a number of ways that you can choose, but two main ways to do this are given below.

  1. Distribute it online:  Online distribution is the easiest way to distribute a press release because there are innumerable well-liked press release distribution websites out there, for example, PRWeb in the US and PR Newswire’s in the UK. You can submit your press release in these sites, and then these websites will send or distribute your news release to lots of news websites who have signed up to publish news in a given class or category. The major advantage of online press release distribution is mainly search engine optimization (SEO), and search engines, including Google like to check various websites linking back to your site. You can also add keywords that are related to your product, services or brand in your press release.
  2. Send to Media: One of the better ways to those media reporters or journalists that covers your company or industry is to email them along with your press news. Remember, before you want to pitch media people, you have to build strong relationship with the media or media people. You can also make a list of those reporters or journalists who write, especially for your field or industry because this can increase your change for better coverage across the country. Following them on Twitter, Facebook, etc, comment on their articles or blogs as well as share their content is also a good idea.

If your press or news release is written well as well as you have distributed in correctly, but it still does not generate buzz, then don’t worry because success takes time and hard work.

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