How To Decide The Hosting Requirements For Different Website Needs?

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Uploading a website to servers to make the website live or active on the web is termed as Hosting. Website owners can can have their own web space, bandwidth and maintain a domain name of their own. Choosing hosting accounts depends on how much web space and bandwidth your website may need. There are various types of hosting accounts from which a website owner can choose according to his online business needs. Some of the most popular hosting accounts are

1. Shared hosting

2.  VPS hosting

3. Dedicated hosting

Understanding what is VPS?

A shared hosting is one where many users will be allotted limited server space and bandwidth under a single common server which will have to be paid periodically once the limitation exceeds. A dedicated hosting on the other hand will have the full server space dedicated to a single user and which is appropriate for a company of multilevel business. A VPS web hosting or Virtual Private Sever almost works with a combined effect of dedicated and shared server and hence one could find both shared and dedicated hosting options from VPS hosting.

How VPS works?

A VPS hosting is suitable for those who do not need a dedicated server option and would prefer if they could get hosting options that offer good web space unlike shared hosting. It allows the user to rent a portion of the server which cannot be shared by other users. It works almost like that of dedicated servers, where the programs will run several other virtual operating systems that in turn will help your website to work with VPS. Like in a dedicated server you will be able to run a range of virtual operating systems in the same server and thus gives the same effect as that of dedicated server. In addition the optimization part of VPS server stays almost free thus allowing the user to manage domain names, upload files and images as well as manage several activities in the website by their own.


There are several benefits in choosing a VPS hosting. Some of them

  • Security and Privacy- Since, while using a VPS hosting service the user will be allowed to run the suitable operating system he will not have to share the same with any  other user. Hence, no other website that shares the same sever can have access to your website like in a shared hosting environment.
  • Easy customisation- With the provision of working with specific operating system, the user will be at the freedom to choose the suitable applications for his website needs and make changes too in choosing any additional services he needs.
  • No time limit- With VPS one can also reschedule the restart time after installing any application.
  • Other forms of dedicated resources- Like in dedicated hosting, one can enjoy dedicated RAM allotted exclusively for the single user and no other user can share the RAM Space.

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