Great Reasons Why Philippines is a Great PHP Business Destination

There are many promising overseas destinations where businesses can contract or outsource their development tasks in PHP. It is efficient and economical for companies that aim to reduce costs and hence increase profitability. Businesses should not be worried whether it is a risky decision or not, as there are many companies that have generated good profits from outsourcing. Hence, there is no question of wavering in taking such a decision.

Why are the Philippines a favorable destination?

There is very little or negligible risk that can threaten a company because the country’s laws are business friendly and thus present a good opportunity for investing. The country favors outsourcing because:

1. Scanty jobs and less complaining people

Philippines is a developing and as a consequence there is a large number of people who are well educated but do not have appropriate jobs. The people are accustomed to living on low income. Filipinos are known for being hard working, disciplined and they speak good english as they were once an American colony. They also work for a lower price as compared to other countries such as America.

These situations are best suitable for the businesses, as they have a promising opportunity for their revival of fortunes. They can pay according to the work conditions and the compensation norms practiced there. Also the businesses can capitalize on the working conditions. For example, the rate of unemployment of youth in Philippines is 16.5 and the businesses can frame policies and strategies around this statistics and thus capitalize on it. The business can also get more working hours as compared to their home countries. This is possible because Filipinos, like Indians, are ready to work longer because the unemployment rate among the youth is high. The young workforce can cope up with strenuous and burgeoning work conditions.

2. Other areas to capitalize on

The businesses can take advantage of the lack of ‘weekend culture’ in the Philippines. Weekend culture is not as stringently practiced in this part of the world as it is in other countries. Businesses can avail the benefits of a six-day work week, which will help boost productivity and give an impetus to their business.

They can also practice austerity in a number of other ways such as not offering the luxury of private transport and other non essential facilities that Filipinos are not accustomed to. They can offer these privilege to experienced employees or hire PHP programmers who is ready to work 6 days a week.


All the above listed benefits of investing in Philippines paint a rosy picture of this country. As statistics say that growth in this country’s economy is stable, it is wiser to hire PHP programmers in Philippines to increase productivity and profits.

Author Bio: Mary Yohanan is a developer who has helped offshore companies to hire PHP programmer. She has extensive experience in recruitment practices and is often seen looking for fresh talent overseas.

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