Do You Have a SEO Expert On Staff?

It’s a fact: companies these days have to be experts in SEO!.

What does that mean? It means you need someone on your team who understands Search Engine Optimization: the business behind using keywords and metadata in your website’s title text, tagline, blog titles and image text to make your company appear at the top of relevant search engine results.

For example: imagine you started a new online marketing consulting business called Tap My Brain. Users who search the words “Tap My Brain” might find your website, but they might not – those three words are fairly common. Users who search the words “online marketing consulting,” however, will never find Tap My Brain unless you have already optimized your website to let Google, Bing and other search engines know that Tap My Brain is the top online marketing consulting service in your particular area.

You let Google and other search engines know what your business does via keywords and metadata. (Here’s an explanation of these two terms, including how they differ.) For example: notice how this blog post is titled “Do You Have a SEO Expert on Staff?” That’s because we want people who search the words “SEO Expert” to find this blog post. We could have called this post “The One Thing Your Company Isn’t Doing,” but that means Google and the other search engines wouldn’t know this post is about SEO, and people would not find this post by doing a search for SEO experts.

Let’s Be Famous is great at using search keywords in blog titles; take “Exciting Times for Inbound Marketers,” for example. Let’s Be Famous didn’t title that blog post “Guess Who’s Having an Exciting Time;” instead, they put their desired search keywords, “inbound marketers” directly in the blog title.

The same SEO principles apply to other important text like image tags, post tags, text and other metadata. If you think that’s a lot to learn and keep track of, you’re right. That’s why most companies hire an SEO expert to handle the ongoing campaigns for them. SEO companies  offer their services to big companies, small businesses and freelancers alike. They even work specifically with you on marketing campaigns, helping you choose the best keywords to use when promoting your next big product. Just be sure to do your research and review the top SEO companies before you decide on which company you will use.

If you want to learn more about the specific services a SEO expert offers, Let’s Be Famous has a great article, “The Range of Services that a SEO Specialist Offers,” to illustrate a SEO expert’s skills. Notice how the article consistently bolds key words like “SEO expert” and “SEO consultant.” Using special text, like bold text, is another way to send keywords to search engines.

If you’re not yet sold on the idea of a SEO expert, consider this: your competitors are using SEO experts to raise their websites’ profiles in search engines. In today’s competitive marketplace, where online users barely look past the first five or six search results, you need your website, product or services to appear at the top of the list. If you’re not using SEO effectively, someone else’s website will appear at the top of the list instead.

So. Do you have a SEO expert on staff? If not, it’s time to place a job ad.

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