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A restaurant is an establishment which serves food and drinks to customers in return to paid either before meal or after meal. In many restaurants there are lots of medium of online payments. Meals are provided and eaten on the basis of different premises but in many restaurants ‘take-out’ and ‘delivery services’ are provided. Restaurants with highly appearance and well coordinated include wide variety of chef and outsourcing service. In older days there was wide range of different types of inns. But in modern days various types of antiquity in Indian restaurants has been given a modern approach. In older days inns were provided generally for to serve those travelers in general and local views, but modern restaurants has completely overcome with these services like home delivery, booking of table, online take etc.


Indian restaurant are basically depended on their quality of food and beverages they provide. Each one of it have their own services provided to the customers like they offer you cooked Indian food daily at door step anywhere .As everyone loves their individual food but  have different tastes.

Indian cuisine encompasses a variety of regional cuisines. They can be sub-divided like spices, bread, drinks, snack food etc.

I was fond of Indian food and bevarages but I couldn’t find any perfect restaurants for me but co-incidentally I found an Indian restaurant named Tandoori Flames and I was very much delighted by those services and cuisines provided by them. I was very much impressed by those services and I was very much eager to know about their services and I finally called for catering services in one of my family functions. There catering services was very much fine and my guests were very happy from the food.

Tandoori Flames is one of the most royal Indian restaurants in Melbourne it has most  reliable services like catering, pubs, night clubs, wedding halls, hotels etc. booking of table can be done through online services from anywhere in the world. Tandoori flames are also a fantastic venue to host a party like wedding ceremony, birthday’s party and business meetings. Most probably when I firstly went into this finest restaurant I was much pleased by their services and they have the capability to manage their guest’s upto 50000.

My first experience was that when I entered into this restaurants and ordered for  the meal like curry and chicken biryani with a beer and I was very much impressed by their food ‘what an outstanding food I had’ chicken biryani was very tasty I could not forgot that taste. At last when the manager of the restaurant offered me to taste gulab jamun but I denied to taste it as because I don’t like gulab jamun as because it’s very glossary but the manager forced me to taste it and finally I confined and so I was so much delighted after tasting those sweets. A variety of shows and dance programs are preferred by them.

One of those programs was a belly dancing which happens every Friday from 7pm to 10pm. I was very much delighted when I saw the performance of that belly dancer watching his show felt me like I am straight in bollywood. The belly dancer was dancing all around the restaurant and each and every corner. The manager said me that every Friday a live music concern happens and children to adults everyone can participate in it. I stayed there for about 3hours and I was very much entertained by their performance and by food. That day I couldn’t believe that in Australia I am having all my desi food. I was very much charmed by all those performance and the environment. After that day I again entered into that restaurant after two months for my friend’s wedding and then I remembered my entrance of my first day and I shall never forgot this best Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

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