All Businesses Benefit from Internet Marketing

Internet marketing plays a huge role in a company’s success. All businesses – from hospitals to ballet companies – use the Internet for promotion. Driving sales and notoriety is essential for success in today’s click-driven world. The following details how different business sectors harness the power of Internet marketing to increase their online visibility.


Healthcare is a vast business sector, encompassing everything from sales to service. Internet marketing benefits all healthcare professions, including non-profits and charities.

Imagine that a stethoscope salesman wants to increase his local business. Where do you think a doctor will look when she’s looking to buy a new stethoscope? There’s a high probability she’ll look for it online. She may search for local medical supply shops or she may look for some online store to buy. Either way, she’s accessing her favorite search engine and searching for stethoscopes. If the stethoscope company or store has harnessed the power of online marketing, she’ll stumble across its page and place her order. If not, she’s going to buy from someone else and the store’s just lost a potential sale.

For a private doctor, internet marketing is a great way to promote her practice. By ensuring that her website is SEO optimized, patients can quickly Google her and find her contact information. If she’s a specialty doctor, like gynecologist, obstetrician, paediatrician etc, she can build her website using keywords that address the issues of these patients. This will draw in website visitors looking for answers to specific questions, which in turn could drive patients to her.


It’s not difficult to ascertain how a law firm benefits from strategic online marketing. Marketing efforts ensure that people can find a local law firm. When someone needs a lawyer, they use a search engine. It’s that simple.

Often, attorneys are in a specific field of law. For example, a personal injury attorney is looking to take on cases where a person has been injured by another party. It wouldn’t help a personal injury attorney to have their website visited by people looking for a DWI attorney. By optimizing their website for search engines ensures dedicated traffic and an increase in business.

According to the law firm marketing specialists at LexisNexis legal marketing, Internet marketing attracts higher quality clients, projects a more professional image and maximizes your marketing dollars. In the past, legal firms had to shell out thousands of dollars for expensive television and radio commercials. These days, a law firm can spend less and receive a greater return on their investment by marketing themselves online.


Sales-driven businesses require Internet marketing to be successful. This doesn’t mean a store necessarily needs to sell their wares online, but they should have a web presence. A website is the first step. After that, Internet marketing and strategy take over.

Imagine a local bike shop is without a website. They’re located on a quiet side-street in a small suburb. It’s likely this small bike shop is losing business to online shoppers and big-box stores. In order to increase their visibility, this bike shop must become more visible. That doesn’t mean looking for a new store-front in a higher trafficked area, although that couldn’t hurt down the road. For right now, they should increase their web presence simply by creating a website.

Search engines should be updated with location information and correct phone numbers. The bike shop needs to be associated with their community, so a targeted keyword strategy is necessary. Furthermore, they should market all of their incentives, coupons and sales via email. This will keep customers updated.

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