Whats new in new website?

Well a lot of buzz about whats new in new website. The new website has been more geared more towards collaborative effort. Here i try to explain few points whats new in this new website.

  • Easy Registration: Registration has been made much easier and now the facility has been provided to users to register using their existing facebook, google, linkedin, twitter account. More registration systems are in progress. This ensures that people get registered easily with any hassles whatsoever.
  • Approval Cycle: A much better and  swift approval system has been implemented where each users gets 3 chances to modify an article to get it approved.
  • Private Messages: Users can now privately talk to the admin or other users of the website for help and support. No more email communications required.
  • Topic Editorial: Each topic is actively moderated by editor and sub admins. You can see their comments and communicate with them on each post basis and make the modifications.
  • Pitch Topics: Now anyone can suggest the topics to editors, if they want to see the articles or post written on that topic
  • Awards: Good authors and articles receive awards and honors from letsbefamous.com which they can boast off to the community.
  • Multiple Authors: Now you can write a topic by collaborating with multiple contributers or authors.

Apart from this there are many improvements like articles syndication to multiple websites. This site has been mainly put up to bring the best articles of the intenet and we appreciate articles from new authors thus giving them a chance to show their skills.

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