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It has been a long since i last wrote any post on this website. This website has become quite famous and has seen huge jumps in traffic. The main aim of this website was to provide a platform for netizens to learn and share their knowledge with global audiences. It was a dream to provide the site where users and write and monitor their articles themselves. But it was soon realized that providing too much power without monitoring exploits the system.

The site grew to an extent anybody would love. The site has lacks of articles but when i started checking the articles, i found that the articles lacked quality. Why would anybody read an article on letsbefamous.com when letsbefamous.com doesn’t provide anything valuable to the readers.

Soon, i decided to take full control of the website and monitor the approval process myself for each and every  articles that is submitted on the website. Since most percentage of the approved articles did not provide value and since i did not feel good reading those articles, i decided to delete entire website and revamp it with new structure and mission.  The website structure has been designed in such a way that now its not possible to bypass the quality standards of the website.

The users will still be able to submit the articles and get it approved but now the articles have to really good to get it approved. We don’t want letsbefamous to become another junk on the Internet. Every author is given 3 chances to get his articles approved and if he is not able to get his article approved in 3 chances, the articles might be deleted or blacklisted.

Since we wanted users also to be a part of our process to ensure quality on this website. All users and visitors are also given ability to report articles on this website and vote or comment on the article. This step will help maintain quality on the website. Authors are also awarded for their contributions to this website from time to time, in order to ensure that they are motivated to write for this website. So, contribute and enjoy your stay here on letsbefamous.com

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