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Howdy all, 
Greetings from letsbefamous team! 

We are proud to announce that we would soon opening registrations for new visitors so that they can begin posting the articles. However, the editors would now be stricter and brutal while moderating and article. So no more advertisements or articles with lot of hyperlinks will be published. Please read below guidelines for posting articles at letsbefamous-

  • The website now presents various membership options for the new members. Click here to view the membership plans. The existing user would be updated to ‘Free’ Membership’ access on which the restrictions and privileges of free membership plan would be applicable.
  • Free users would now be able to post only 4 articles per month.
  • Only the best and perfect articles will be allowed to be published that meet the following requirements-
    • article should have relevant and genuine information and content.
    • article should have a featured image.
    • article is published in a relevant category.
    • free users won’t be allowed to post links in the article.
  • Articles that seem like an advertisement or selling proposition would be deleted. The editors may choose to notify the author to make necessary modifications in the articles to be considered for publishing.

Articles failing to meet these requirements will fail to qualify for moderation by editors and will be deleted. We reserve the right to decide if any article is fit for publishing and take necessary action and delete if necessary without any notification.

The decision of the editorial team would be final.

Free users won’t be allowed to post any ‘link‘ in their articles under no circumstances. If you need URLs in articles, please upgrade your membership plan.


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