Winter Tyres Vs Summer Tyres


Winter tyres, also known as cold weather tyres or snow tyres are designed for wintry conditions, such as damp and wet roads, snow and ice. These tyres are made of a special rubber compoun best suited to low temperatures. This rubber do not harden in the cold unlike summer tyres, ensuring you get the best performance and grip in cold conditions. In addition, Winter tyres not only improve safety, but also shorten braking distances by up to 50%. On the other sides, summer tyres have been designed for applying to weather conditions from fall to spring. The use of these tyres is limited because of the temperatures, and once the temperature falls below 7 degrees, the grip is lost.

Differences Between Winter Tyres And Summer Tyres

The formulation of the rubber used to make summer and winter tyres is one of the major differences between Winter and Summer tyres. The rubber compound in summer tyres has been designed to give a great efficiency only in temperature above 7 degrees, and the winter tyres cannot equal the performance of specialized of summer tyres once the temperature rises. Another big difference is the tyre tread, and there’s less rubbing on Winter roads, so tyre tread is even more important. Additionally, winter tyres require all the grip they can get, so they have wider and more uniform contact areas letting a more gradual shift from one tread block to another.

Benefits Of Summer Tyres

The performance specifications are one of the best advantages of summer tyres. Other advantages of summer tyres are they are more effective when braking, respond well in both dry and wet road conditions as well as they grip the road better. Summer tyres features longer lifespan than winter tyres, and the lifespan is very important while driving bigger mileages. Also, winter tyres are expensive than summer tyres among the same class as well as from the same tyre manufacturer.

Benefits Of Winter Tyres

One of the best advantages of winter tyres is better grip, when roads are covered in snow. These tyres are built for maximum grip in snowy conditions. As per recent suggestion by “The softer and grippier rubber of the tyre provides winter tyres the most traction possible with very deep treads. If you are living in an area where winters are harsh, such as Northern Ireland, then winter now tyres tyres are a must. You can find winter tyres Northern Ireland, UK online at very cheap prices. Another big advantage of winter tyre is superior braking. Braking can be very important when conditions are very bad. Summer tyres are liable to skid on snow road conditions, but winter tyres has can dig into the snow with the superior grip quality that provide the driver to break the way he need to.

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