Improve Handling With a Coilover Suspensions Mod

Choosing the correct modification for your car is essential to maximize the gains in performance. Upgrading your car’s suspension system is an excellent way of introducing handling improvements and creating a unique driving experience. Let’s take a look at ten of the best.

What does a suspension system do?
There have been many designs of automobile suspension over the last 100 years. Notable developments have included Citroen’s hydro-pneumatic suspension system and the McPherson Strut. In addition, modern cars can feature different suspension systems and suspension settings at the front and the rear. The role of a suspension system is twofold. It serves both to enhance the vehicles ability to steer and brake safely and efficiently and keeping the driver and passengers isolated from road noise and vibrations. These two goals are at odds with each other as handling and braking is ensured by keeping contact with the road more of which will in turn increase noise and vibration. Not all suspension systems are the same. Suspension modifications must take these elements into account with the aim of striking a balance between the two.

How will a suspension modification change my car?
The stock suspension fitted to your car at purchase will be set to a standard factory default to ensure a safe and smooth ride in all driving conditions. The good news is that this is easily modifiable to create a bespoke ride individualized handling. The parts required are not available from mainstream manufacturers. However, after-market components are made by specialist companies which will allow your modifications to be carried out by performance car garages. The usual modification is made by using a coilover suspension kit which is short for coil spring over strut. A component will be fitted to modify the standard McPherson strut which consists of a shock absorber with a coil spring wrapped around it. Once fitted a coilovers suspension kits provide damping for the suspension without torsion loads. In addition, depending on the system the coilover might allow adjustment of ride height and stiffness. This is a major benefit over traditional lowering springs as they produce an undesirable much stiffer ride.

Top 10 Coilover kits

  1. Moton – Their Club Sport range features coilovers with remote reservoirs for better fluid temperature control
  2. Zeal – Their x-coil spring range is especially valued by the Honda and Subaru community.
  3. DG5 – A range created by drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya which specialize in extreme performance suspension kits.
  4. KW – A German manufacturer known for its superior engineering
  5. JIC – JIC Magic is an American manufacturer making adjustable coilovers for specific cars
  6. Stance – Their Super Sport range features a 15 way damping mono tube shock.
  7. Cusco – Another Japanese manufacturer with a big range.
  8. Tanebe – Seven. A range of adjustable coil-overs with internal valves which can be tuned for a wide variety of driving situations.
  9. Tein – A range of region specific components designed to fit the requirements of drivers who live in specific areas of the world.
  10. Apex – A manufacturer of coilovers suspension kits for specific brands of cars with a UK distributer.

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