Site Structure is one of the wonderful website you will find on internet. This site is totally meant for internet community where users submit contents and users approve it. It provides an incredible platform where you can communicate with your visitors through comments, messages, emails and ratings.  To ensure that everything on this site runs as smoothely as possible, our site has a unique quality controlled structure. To ensure transparency to the users, we are providing a glimpse at the structure of the website (lbf).

Site Hierarchy

Broadly structure of be explained with the following image below. Letsbefamous consists of 1 root admin who controls the overall functioning of the website assisted by 4 subadmins who look after different parts of the website. For article approval on the website, 12 copy editors are there who edit articles in different categories of the website submitted by authors and contributors.  Currently we have 64ooo+ contributors on the website and 125+ authors.


Type of users and Promotions

We following a trust system where users of this website get promoted to next higher rank based on the trust they gain on the website. Trust is calculated based on many factors like writing quality, adherence to terms, users rating, comments ratings, points etc. Below diagram will show you how a member to this website is promoted.